Work in Progress

By Gemma Prangle

'She suggests that you don’t watch this. This is going to be too selfish. This is going to be a selfish dance.'

An exploration into the body's relationship with grief, death and dying. This work was born from Gemma's studio time during her Developing Your Creative Practice Grant 2019 and her time as artist in resident at The Island, Bristol. 

To be developed in 2020


Salisbury Arts Centre

      Scratch performance during artist              residency for Theatre Fest West

Exeter Phoenix

      Work-in-Progress sharing at Exeter              Fringe Festival

Supported by:

Arts Council England, Wiltshire Creative, MAKETANK, Exeter Fringe Festival, Exeter Phoenix, Desperate Men, The Island.

With thanks to:

Ben Atterbury, Giorgia Ciampi, Laura Drane, James Gitsham, Jac Ifan Moore, Kaite O'Reilly, Cai Tomos, Phillip Zarrilli 

Stage one: Work in Prog sharing at Theatre Fest West, Salisbury Playhouse Feb 2019

Stage two: Work in Prog sharing at Exeter Fringe Festival, July 2019